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Among other important scripting languages like CSS, you will learn mostly jQuery, the next level front end language to enhance and imporve your web project.

You will learn also how to use common, open source CMS (content management systems) like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc, and how to choose the best CMS for your SEO work. As we know, a good website is the one that people can easily find and understand its content.

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How to speed up Wordpress website

Here is the linkon how to speedup the Wordpress website. Essantially you need to install plugin called CloudFlare and W3 Total Cache among the other.

Implementing Cross-​​Browser Video Playback in HTML5

One of the most celebrated elements of the new HTML5 specification is the ability to natively handle video playback. (read more)

Responsive web design tutorial

Responsive Web Design Guidelines and Tutorials by Smashing Editorial. (read more) 

jQuery menu by john rasing

jQuery Demo - Expandable Sidebar Menu from John Resig on Vimeo.

jquery tool tip

jquery slide show