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Doctor = teacher (archaic)

At Essential Chiropractic + Wellness Centre, our Doctors understand very well the importance of medical awareness in making the right choices for you and your family’s health. Our in-house signature “Regain Health & Vitality” workshop has been described as a real “eye-opener” that has been serving the general public as well as all potential patients for years. In one short hour, participants will learn, based on the latest medical research, the following:

  1. What health is and where it actually comes from
  2. What the top 3 killers are today and how to avoid them
  3. Where most adult health conditions originate from
  4. How and when to best utilize health care versus sick care
  5. What the master control system of the body is
  6. What advanced medical researchers are saying about the relationship between posture and illness
  7. How to keep your children healthy with a drug free strategy
  8. You and your guest or partner will also participate in a ‘hands-on’ experiential exercise to learn how to screen someone for potential health issues
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