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Shelby Musser

Shelby Musser, Kinesiologist and Rehab / Laser Therapist, grew up in Ontario where she developed a passion for body science, and the specific connections between physical health and well-being. She attended the University of Western Ontario where she played varsity field hockey, thus further exposing her to sport and injury. Her experiences enhanced her interests in human anatomy and the way the body responds to nutrition, exercise, and injury.

“I know what it’s like to acquire an injury, and can relate to patients as they go through the rehabilitative process. It can be frustrating, but I know the patience game. Relating to patients and knowing what they are experiencing helps me to optimally do my job. ”
The holistic approach to healing at Essential Chiropractic + Wellness Centre is one reason Shelby loves being a member of the team. At our clinic, communication is embraced – both between practitioners and with our patients. Shelby welcomes new patients along with any of their health-related questions; and looks forward to helping bring them from an injured condition into a state of improved posture, function and well-being.