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Dr. Anita Hildebrandt (DC)

Dr. Anita Hildebrandt (DC), a graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic West and UBC alumni, brings to Essential Chiropractic + Wellness Centre 2 decades of practical experience in healthcare. Dr. Anita has experience in the field of posture in relation to the health of infants to the elderly and everyone in-between. Her background education and experience as a former national 800m runner have all contributed to her philosophy that “movement is life” and appropriate movement is impossible without appropriate posture.

Today, at Essential Chiropractic + Wellness Centre, Dr. Anita methodically designs, manages, coordinates, and assists in the application of individual treatment plans for our patients. Dr. Anita makes it her goal to help concerned patients realize their potential health gain from improved posture and function.

“To be part of the process of someone discovering their health is extremely gratifying. To be part of a team that is fully committed to that process is a luxury for which I am endlessly thankful”.