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In Vancouver logo design has been talked about much in the context of art history of human culture. Ex-libris, seals, knights' emblem, king's seal, etc. are all logos. Logo design was already existed, designers are simply rediscovering it in a more practical form in our quest for identity, uniqueness or branding.

Every professional graphic designer will agree that logo design cannot exist in alienation. It has to live within the context like website, brochures, business cards and other presentation media. It is a part of graphic design process. Every successful web design will consider having a logo to augment the direction of the business or its character.

Socially conscious designers flow with the dynamics of urban environment. We see this especially in Canada. Studio7designs a logo design company in Victoria bc, is perfect example of this. As demands increases so the Toronto, Ottawa or Vancouver graphics design markets change and target towards logo design, branding, internet marketing and custom web design; all being perfectly connected. Massive development of logos took place through monster websites not always delivering the best result despite cheap prices. It is because any custom web design or brochure design requires custom logo design. In Vancouver, logo designers are in fashion these days. Professional designer will assure you that brand identity is all-in-all for the successful business strategy and it should be done as part of an organic process giving starting from logo design. Many Vancouver logo designers know about marketing and understand the important of branding design.

More about logos and surrey graphic designers you can read on our blog.

What services we do not offer:

  1. cheap logo design
  2. cheap web design and not the one that will help your business
  3. cheap search engine optimization services and not the one that will actually bring more revenue
  4. comparative quotation to check market against your budget

We are consultants.

Please look for the websites that offer such service elsewhere.


Vancouver web design

Web design is part of our daily life. There is no place in the modern world where website is not existent. Every small business has one

and if doesn't, it is out of the game.

Just like Vancouver logo designers, local website designers & developers has been creating standards, programming languages and norms to achieve what is called the Web 2. Web 2 is a new approach to design. Web developer focusing only on web programming will deliver only one third of the given website project. Website needs to include: open source, social media sites, web video, content management systems and improved CSS coding. And most importantly it has to be visible on moble phones and tables. This is called responsive web design also known as adaptive web design - a website that adapts to all screen sizes. Progressive Vancouver web design companies that contribute to the broad web spectrum are many and listing them all will take pages. But we can recommend searching the term "Vancouver website design" to find reliable provider(s). The first three pages of google will sow those companies who know how to market themselves, care for themselves and the clients.

When planning a website one needs to choose a designer and/or developer who will be able to understand the modern design norms and implications, to achieve the effective web site that will involve visitors and bring money to the business. It is certain that you will find in Vancouver, web design companies of your choice.




  • website
  • logo
  • brochures
  • business cards
  • posters
  • post cards
  • flyers


  • php
  • jQuery
  • java script
  • xhtml
  • css
  • flash programming

Content Management System

  • Wordpress, a world winning CMS

Search Engine Optimization

  • positioning website on top Google page
  • local business
  • Google maps


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looking for your perfect web logo designer ?

No problem. Below are the things you need to look for when searching your white knight:

  1. has a portfolio that you like
  2. he understands your goals
  3. delivers unique design and typography (see point 1)
  4. uses vector graphics for your future logo
  5. is able to understand the complexities of web design, branding and marketing issues and can explain them to you in plain English.

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